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10 Useful Instagram Applications for Business

There are billions of active users every month on Instagram, and today this platform is one of the most sought after by brands to carry out advertisements and marketing actions. But anyone who thinks it’s easy to have an exciting return advertising on this or another social network is wrong. For that, you need the best tools.

Here is a list of the best sites to manage your professional IG account to help you improve the numbers. Try adopting one or more tools from this list, and you’ll see how your business is standing out quickly, and your page is bringing you more and more new customers.

Tools and Websites for Easy Management

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the value of native Instagram tools, which usually help users who know how to work with them. Anyway, we can think of three main categories:

And if your company doesn’t sell products but provide services, Instagram can still deliver incredible results, with you sharing concepts and ideas about your business with the public, for example. So, check out these 10 tools that will change the way you’re running your account.


Although social networks are becoming the leading communication platform between companies and customers, most businesses still need an institutional site. Use SnapWidget to embed Instagram photos to your website. You can display photos from your account or a hashtag!


You know the retweet button that we found on Twitter, but that is missing on Instagram? Well, this mobile app does the job of reposting a photo of someone’s Insta in your account, displaying the remail watermark. Many celebrities and influencers use this tool, as you have probably seen it at least once on your Instagram feed.


You are wishing to promote your account ASAP but don’t know where to start from? Socials Up is a perfect match to combine quality, price and delivery speed. If boosting your page is the #1 priority, you need to buy Instagram likes on this marketplace and almost instantly reach the dreamed goals.


This service is one of the best management features you can use for your Instagram account. Not only for its super intuitive platform but because it can provide statistics, recommendations for posting times, hashtag suggestions, and many other things. Worth mentioning that it’s a paid service, but mostly sure your business can get a lot of benefits from it.


Who never wanted to put a last-minute caption on a photo? Or some text to help communicate what your company is offering? With Over, you can do this easily, using several resources with fonts and creative elements for you to use and abuse your Instagram. It costs $1.99 and is available for Android and iOS.


Like2Buy is an excellent part of Curalate, a Social Media management tool. With it, you can use your Instagram account to sell your products at the touch of a button. Visit its website to understand better how it works.


This app is used to create striking images that will appear either in your feed or in the Stories. You have the ability to add text, save layouts, and apply a wide range of basic graphics to increase the level of your publications and attract the attention of more subscribers.

Display Purposes

Hashtags are an essential element of Instagram for companies that want to carry out marketing actions on this social network. With Display Purposes, you have much greater control over each post’s hashtags since the tool can recommend the best ones according to several keywords provided by you. You can also manually choose the hashtags you will include, seeing which ones are the most relevant and popular.


This tool is ideal for those who like to make concrete plans, helping to schedule each post that the personal page or the company’s profile will publish in the future. In addition to facilitating the planning task, it also has photo editing tools and a great upload manager, which allows you to upload several photos at the same time without any problem.

Sprout Social

This super IG account manager has everything a user needs: post scheduling tools, statistics, and analysis, complete reports on the performance of your most recent posts, among other things. In addition to the super-detailed intelligence reports that the platform provides, you can also follow the hashtags or selected posts, seeing comments and publications in real-time.

Get Customers for Your Business Using Instagram

Everyone knows that Instagram is one of the biggest social networks today and the best tool for editing and sharing photos online. It’s no wonder that companies from all sectors create their profile on this platform, seeing it as a great way to talk to their current audience and win new consumers. The presence of brands and corporations on different websites is a path of no return, and the better you master these communication tools, the more chances you’ll have to stand out from the competition. With the best tools for your business at hand, it’s much easier to start working!